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7 Steps To Mastering The “French Girl” Allure In Summer


Paris is always good idea, and so adopting certain habits of the French way of life.

For example, like Jeanne Damas said always dress ‘simple, effortless, chic’.

Although, we know, it’s hard to embrace the French style, I’m here for you and share with  you my knowledge regarding the French girl lifestyle.

You’ll usually find us practicing our French vibe over white wine, and some high heels, not on our foot, but in our hands – and even tho it’s not the most eloquent (and elegant) way to project our own inner Parisian, at least, the look of effortless semi-look we tried to embrace.

Many things contribute to the French allure, cute button-down blouses, ‘I woke up-like-this’ hair-do, an ensemble of timeless-pieces, the perfect shade of red lipstick and go on.

And while we found ourselves sipping on a cup of coffee in Montmartre and dressed head-to-toe in Dior (in our dream, duh) – this is far from reality.

So to make sure, we’ll be able to embrace “Paris in Calvi” – or anywhere else for that matter – we’ve compiled our French girl tips for you below…

Bon voyage !

Wearing: Romwe dress, Zara heels, Lancaster bag #ad 

Pictures: DeborahN Production

1. Know your flattering tailoring

Find the perfect off-shoulder dress – Summer being on – and make sure it fits you well (a wide bateau shape, not too tight to flatter your collarbone, and a tight-waisted shape beyond your waistline). Throw it for any occasion and you’ll always look effortlessly put together. To gain your extra point Montmartre look, find yourself a dress with interesting minimalist details, or add a belt to shape your waistline. Struggling to find the perfect one? Here you can find yours.

2. Sit down on the sidewalk

Parisians are good at many things, and above all, we’re good at drinking coffee, but also at looking effortless even when sitting in a dress on the sidewalk. Take the time to find a red door. Looking effortless doesn’t take that much work, but we’re mastering the French nonchalance.

3. Act nonchalant

You are not cold. You’re just enough allusive and mysterious to attract men attention. Win over every coffee order with a giggle and a smile to your barista, saying hi in French. 

4. Have a pair of extra heels

Investing in one timeless piece of hardware fashion is essential when you’re French, and it has to be leather wise, but it also has to be shoe-wise. Meaning, when you’re struggling through Montmartre, and you want to always look put together – mastering the date skills à la Française – have an extra pair of heels in your bag. Invest, you won’t regret. Wearing it will help your French-girl aura.

5. Find yourself a bike

Having a designer bag is much more expensive and you have time to invest, but finding yourself a bike in front of which you can catch the perfect picture, would be easier. A designer bag is essential, and this Lancaster one has never let me down. Find yours. 

6. Hang out on the streets (and take a picture)

You have to look Paris from above a balcony whilst sipping on your espresso, and above, looking through your lenses (don’t forget to Instagram – we all do it). Find yourself a vintage store and start looking through the treasures you can find to go with your polka dot dress.

7. Leave them wanting more

French women have one rule “Less is more”. Master the French nonchalance by being subtle in your actions, sticking by your words, and always looking effortlessly cool, put together (but cool). Don’t forget to be chic.