Jerusalem Travel Guide

Jerusalem, know as the Holy city of the Middle East, a recent visit proved there’s so much to see beyond the holy places.

In case, Israel is new to you, it’s a tiny country located in the Middle East between Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Much like some countries located in this part of the world, it was run by the British until 1947.

And although this tiny country is underestimated regarding his geographical location or the clichés you constantly may have heard about it, you’ll find hidden places and pedestrianized alleys, perfect for wanderlust and discovering colorful old buildings and having incredible talks with locals.

If you’re curious, follow me in Jerusalem.

See & Do

On a Friday, walk the streets of the Old town and the Jewish quarter between Agrippa and Mahane Yehuda streets early in the morning before the crowds arrive. The atmosphere is different on a Friday morning – here the equivalent of no-working-sunday is Friday.

As you wander through the lanes of the Market, follow the road, grab a cab and head to the oldest quarter: the Jewish quarter where you’ll find the Western Wall and its ruins. 

Head over to the City of David and the Archeological Davidson park, where you’ll find yourself surrounded with incredible historic reminiscence. 

Check out the beautiful Hour’va Synagogue. 

If you’re into it, drop by the Mamilla Mall promenade, even for an hour, to soak up some of the luxurious and chill out atmosphere. 

Feel a real Israeli atmosphere, go to the Mahane Yehuda on a Thursday night: have a drink and feel the weekend vibes coming in. Party is on at 9 p.m sharp. Try the Shem Tov and Casino de Paris or the Beer Bazaar.

Wanderlust in Emek Refaim, where there are countless of restaurants and bars.

Eat & Drink

Have salmon skin sushi and Japanese cuisine at Sushi Rehavia.

Don’t leave without grabbing a laffa and some pitots inside Mahane Yehuda.

Grab some of your morning coffee at Roasters.

Have a brunch at Caffit in Emek Refaim.

Try the genuinely amazing pastries, which are from Marzipan Bakery.

Have a healthy drink at Rebar, and some wine at Monko.

Have a delicious healthy breakfast at Café Rimon

Dine in a traditional Israeli restaurant, try some shakshuka at La Padella.

Have vegetarian at Modern.

Good to Know

Jerusalem can be easily done as a day trip from Tel Aviv, and you don’t need more than an hour, unless you’re stuck in traffic. Take off early then. You’ll need some time to feel the vibe of the vibrant Holy City. Don’t laze at the beach or in the pool at your resort


  • Louise Oliver

    I haven’t seen many travel bloggers write about Jerusalem so this was a refreshing read! I always wanted to visit when I lived in Dubai which was, unfortunately, impossible. I’d love to try and get there one day.

    • Thanks Louise, and yes there aren’t much more articles about Jerusalem because people don’t tend to go there since they are more attracted to Tel Aviv and since I’ve lived there I totally get it! Yea, you cannot fly from Dubai to Israel! I hope so! x

  • Esther Zaga

    I love Israel!, haven´t been in 17 years though, I am planning a trip for next year, I enjoyed your post, because, I remembered everything I did on Jerusalem the last time I was there

    • Woa Esther, I’m so glad you bumped on my post then! Isn’t it amazing? x

  • Madhurima Chakraborty

    This is the first time I am reading about the ancient city as a travel blog. Glad to know regular life even with fruit selling exists beyond war and constant attacks. i wil be exploring more on your blog 🙂

    • Haha, of course regular life and peaceful life is happening in Jerusalem. There are ups and down, and Israelis are living with the war and constant attacks but they’re okay. It’s not a war zone, it’s just a vivid and brilliant place to live in and to enjoy! Thanks and I hope you enjoy the read! x

  • Victoria Alicia

    You had me at salmon skin sushi! Beautiful photos!

    • Hahaha Victoria, best thing ever! x

  • Love your photos and such a great practical guide. Wishing I can visit Israel again soon.

    • Thanks Anna, I tried to make it practical and interesting and fun! When did you fly there? x

  • Susan

    Your photos are great! All of the food sounds delicious and I didn’t realize how close Jerusalem was to Tel Aviv. Thanks for the advice!

    • Thanks! And yea it’s very close! x

  • ali dunnell

    Really like these photographs – especially the piles of food in the market. I’ll have to add Israel to my bucket list of places to visit 🙂

    • Wow I’m so glad you did! Yea the food is one of the best one I’ve ever tasted and I’m French tho! x

  • Nina Danielle

    Great to have some suggestions on things to do! I really only see the holy sites online usually. Awesome tips!

    • You have to do more and I hope you’ll have the chance to do so! Thanks! x

  • great city guide. Would have liked to visit one day but after any years of living in Dubai, i just didn’t get the chance

    • I get it, it’s a bummer but I hope you’ll have this opportunity soon! x

  • Shannan Swindler Captivating C

    Great images that really capture the essence of Jerusalem. Thank you for sharing so many aspects of the city and the things that can be enjoyed. I look forward to visiting in person some day.

    • I’m so happy you loved it and the different aspects of this city is one of the reason I tried to write a insightful article about this vivid city! You’ll make sure to let me know! x

  • Rachelle Gordon

    Awesome tips on discovering more about Jerusalem! It’s not a place that is currently on my radar, but it’s nice to know that there are options, aside from the religious aspect. Maybe someday I’ll venture on over!

    • Which ones are on your list? I hope so! x

  • Pete

    Not a city that’s often written up on a travel blog. I’m reading a non-fiction book about one of the city’s most famous residents even as we speak. An art restorer, as it happens.

    There’s the history and the politics, but a city is, after all, a place to live, and there’s got to be some good bits. Markets are always worthwhile; a feast for the photographer, and some good fresh food. Well done!

    • Well said Pete. There’s politics and there’s history and, of course both are interesting and intertwined, but living the life of the Jerusalmi people was one of the best experience I’ve ever had. This place is definitely out of space and out of time. There’s something incredible about it, and there are so many people who doesn’t experience Jerusalem the way I do. That’s why I wanted to write it about because no one is talking about it! If you enjoy it, that’s all that matters! x

  • Orsi Go

    Thank you so much for sharing! I liked the tip: don’t laze by the pool at your resort haha So true tho! Might as well go and see what the place is really about. Nice to see some market pictures, they made me hungry! Great tips on discovering more!

    • Yes, because they’re so many people staying in their resort and not doing anything but tanning! Thanks, you definitely made me smile! x

  • Vyjay Rao

    This is a fresh perspective of Jerusalem. A post that goes beyond the usual and gives a peep at the every day life in the historic city. Very useful tips that are sure to stand in food stead for the first time visitor to Jerusalem.

    • I tried to give a fresh, new and interesting perspective of Jerusalem, the way I see it and the reasons why I fell in love with it! I’m so happy to hear about your perspective and your feelings as long as you read though it. It sounds like it was really useful and I was trying to give you a glimpse of what you can expect there! x

  • travelscout

    My great grandmother went visited Jeruselum a long time ago and I remember the pictures she took. Ive always wanted to go simply for the history! Beautiful post.

    • That’s so interesting and people are often sharing great moments and memories of a place they visited years ago. It makes you wonder how it is. You have to go if you have the chance to. Thanks! x

  • Wanderers Hub

    I love how you have put together your thoughts on Jerusalem in such a crisp manner and it prompts me to book a trip right now. Your photos look so pretty and I’d definitely be more interested in exploring more than the holy sites.

    • You definitely have to, and I’m so grateful for such comments like that. Of course I have my own opinion and I rather tell you guys them in a proper manner and hear about your opinions before just saying what I think without listening what my readers have to say! I hope you’ll do explore Jerusalem in a different manner and of course, you have to do the holy sites but there’s much much more to discover! x

  • I had no idea that it could be visited as a day trip! Jerusalem sounds like such a fascinating place to visit, whether you are religious or not. I have yet to make it to Israel but perhaps 2018/2019 will be the year!

    • Of course you definitely can, and that’s the beauty of it. One hour drop Tel Aviv and you’re dropped in the middle of a place you’ve only been dreaming about! I hope so and you have to tell me! x