Jerusalem Travel Guide

Jerusalem, know as the Holy city of the Middle East, a recent visit proved there’s so much to see beyond the holy places.

In case, Israel is new to you, it’s a tiny country located in the Middle East between Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Much like some countries located in this part of the world, it was run by the British until 1947.

And although this tiny country is underestimated regarding his geographical location or the clichés you constantly may have heard about it, you’ll find hidden places and pedestrianized alleys, perfect for wanderlust and discovering colorful old buildings and having incredible talks with locals.

If you’re curious, follow me in Jerusalem.

See & Do

On a Friday, walk the streets of the Old town and the Jewish quarter between Agrippa and Mahane Yehuda streets early in the morning before the crowds arrive. The atmosphere is different on a Friday morning – here the equivalent of no-working-sunday is Friday.

As you wander through the lanes of the Market, follow the road, grab a cab and head to the oldest quarter: the Jewish quarter where you’ll find the Western Wall and its ruins. 

Head over to the City of David and the Archeological Davidson park, where you’ll find yourself surrounded with incredible historic reminiscence. 

Check out the beautiful Hour’va Synagogue. 

If you’re into it, drop by the Mamilla Mall promenade, even for an hour, to soak up some of the luxurious and chill out atmosphere. 

Feel a real Israeli atmosphere, go to the Mahane Yehuda on a Thursday night: have a drink and feel the weekend vibes coming in. Party is on at 9 p.m sharp. Try the Shem Tov and Casino de Paris or the Beer Bazaar.

Wanderlust in Emek Refaim, where there are countless of restaurants and bars.

Eat & Drink

Have salmon skin sushi and Japanese cuisine at Sushi Rehavia.

Don’t leave without grabbing a laffa and some pitots inside Mahane Yehuda.

Grab some of your morning coffee at Roasters.

Have a brunch at Caffit in Emek Refaim.

Try the genuinely amazing pastries, which are from Marzipan Bakery.

Have a healthy drink at Rebar, and some wine at Monko.

Have a delicious healthy breakfast at Café Rimon

Dine in a traditional Israeli restaurant, try some shakshuka at La Padella.

Have vegetarian at Modern.

Good to Know

Jerusalem can be easily done as a day trip from Tel Aviv, and you don’t need more than an hour, unless you’re stuck in traffic. Take off early then. You’ll need some time to feel the vibe of the vibrant Holy City. Don’t laze at the beach or in the pool at your resort