Join The White Pearl Club

I am hopeless when it comes to Autumn weather and oversized wool sweater
as an elephant would be in politics. In today’s society, we cherish self-awareness,
Instagram stories and expanding everything around a self-centered vision,
so I have located and acknowledged this challenge and I have after
hours of seating in front of this post, looking through this shoot,
developing a very effective approach to this problem. If you can’t fix your space,
there’s always an exit route through the pile of clothes, shoes, jewels
& papers waiting for you to deal with.
Swap it under the rug

Then it’s time for you to make a pledge and plan to stay all Autumn at least, in your apartment, and counts for real, the « hygge » philosophy. This is true, I’m Parisian, not Danish, but change comes from within, and building blocks help you to create authentic art. 

Now to narrow a bit further to ourselves, the lovely lady of Eiden Bijoux (hello Sonia) invited me for a morning session
at her beautiful boutique.

For someone who doesn’t like wearing necklace,
my pendant collection is rapidly expanding.

It’s hard to pinpoint what make a white pearl pendant different
to a simple engraved pendant, perhaps it’s the shape, a croissant,
I like, but I’m becoming more tempted to reach for this one to finish off certain outfits in recent times. 

The French have a certain way of doing things, and this morning I underwent an impressive transformation, from the fuzzy self I was into the mould of a casual Parisian girl.
All thanks to the magical power of Make up
lord how addict I’ve become to coffee drinks
and talented Laury, who’s been featured in this post. 

Wearing: NAKD sweater, NAKD lace bra, Asos Jeans, Eiden Bijoux necklace