Playing with Prints In Le Marais

There’s one version of yourself. You know this one, blasting with confidence.
Somehow, this one ray of confidence passing down your sky once every two months?
I swear when the feeling comes by me, I think there’s a mistake
with the delivery and it was meant for the girl next door,
the perfectly walking modeling woman you’re running
into in Le Marais – who’s actually a model shining her way through little alleys
during Fashion Week, but I try not to ask too many questions when I feel the
vibe knocking on my door. Just embracing it as it comes.

With the arrival of Fall, I’ve discovered you can turned any summer dress
into another playful option, just by adding a contrasting material.
Leather was the answer.

Then, there are two options: if you’re straight French, even when you’re running around,
there are standards you cannot give up, including summers wanderlust
and boring errands. Being someone who idealizes Diane Von Furstenberg
and her wrap-up dress, this birds printed wrap-up dress from SheIn
was one of the best option, fitting my expectations and delivering express,
just before heading out for the airport.

Paris is one of the most vibrant and inspiring place I know,
and whilst you can be in the classiest and famous surroundings
of le Marais, venturing just 10 minutes away from Rivoli up to Palais Royal,
you never quite know what you’ll come across.
Always chaining and moving. Known for her little alleyways, Le Marais reels you with
its range of unexpected encounters, vintage stores across high-end
Fashion places, or boutique of cafes and new conceptual ice creams.

Wearing : SheIn dress, Zara leather jacket (old), Puma sneakers, Lancaster bag, EidenBijoux jewels

Post sponsored by SheIn, photos assisted by the patient and talented Noam Cartozo.


  • dominika

    Girl! You look gorgeous in that print Maxi slit dress. I love your pictures.

    • Woaaa Thanks!! You made my day! x

  • You look fantastic! Lovely photos.

    • Thanks Alexander! x

  • Opium teahouse

    That dress looks so comfy and perfect to explore the Marais. Great pictures 🙂

    • It’s the perfect one for a date, for a wanderlust in Le Marais or for going to a beach party or even any party! Just throw a jacket over it, and voila, you’re good to go! Thanks 😉

  • Sandrina Ferreira

    I love that maxi print dress. You look stunning in it and It’s a good choice for summer or even n autumn with a leather jacket. The pictures are great.

    • One of the best bargain I got on SheIn! It worked for Summer and now it works for Autumn weather! Thanks Sandrine! x

  • effortlesseverydaystyle

    loving the combo of the print dress, sneakers and leather jacket!

    • It was not wanted at first, but it looked great when worn! Thanks! xx

  • Danish Akhtar Multani

    what a combination maxi with sneaker. You are looking beautiful in this dress. dress looks so comfortable. I would like to have one for my would be wife…

  • Adrianna Vogel

    I love prints on clothes. They make them look more fun and not boring. You look great in this outfit. Your photos on those Parisian streets are amazing!

    • I’m not all about prints usually, but I gave it a shot and I have to say, this outfit did showed up amazingly! Don’t mention it, Parisian streets + a great photographer, the combo was good enough! xx

  • Ravenous Travellers

    Your photos are stunning – love your outfits too. I need those purple puma trainers!

    • Woa, Im so thrilled you’re loving those photos and those purple trainers have something so good, the platform! xx

  • I’m so in love with this outfit! It looks just gorgeous.

    • Thanks Morgan! And I’m so happy you loved it! xx

  • Bruce Schinkel Jr.

    Looks like a great travel outfit; easy to dress up or down, and comfortable enough to go anywhere you want!

  • Lena Drevermann

    I LOVE the dress!!! and the Marais 🙂 it’s a good combination .. also you were lucky to find the Marais so empty that day to take nice pictures 🙂

  • Umesh Rajbangshi

    Nice blog post and stunning pictures of course. I had a pretty amazing experience in Montreal (Canada) although I know nothing about French language. Paris is on my list and I want to tick it off soon. 🙂

  • Bonnie Bonita

    Of nice dresses and travel. I would like to try a dress in one of my travels. Nice pics and you rocked the look!