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3 Tips To Make Smart Choices In Difficult Situations

No matter what stage you’re at in life, there are some difficult situations calling for smart choices.

Sometimes, we happen to feel a deja vue sensation, like we’re never going to see
the end of this looping scenario, repeating itself, despite all the lessons we’ve learnt.
Ending up thinking we’re the reason why this situation is happening.

We play a part in the creation of a situation, which means our action is
undoubtedly involved in the process, which would have not been favorable to us.
Our actions are the moving needles giving life to the consequences we do are afraid to face.
In this incredible scenario which we call life, we are the main actors, but the authors.

Have you ever tried to look this situation from an objective point of view?
Somehow, it doesn’t feel right and you’re wondering how this turns out to be yours.
Read on if you want to know how to make smart choices in difficult situations.

Ready, set, action

– Choose action

Tendency to perceive a situation desperately is well-known.
Following up this road would only sucks you into the infamous spiral of self-pity,
impacting our self judgment. So the first step is thinking of change, first step to a change of life.
Optimism rules your state of mind. It will impact two main ideas
which are related to your decision of changing: investment and motivation.
Here the change would be the desire for you to step up, and choose a better-self.
Try to look at yourself from an objective point-of-view, and then what would you do?

– Perceive your situation and step up!

Change involve making a decision. How so? Everything is easier said than
done especially when you’re not emotionally invested. It sounds impressive, but it is not.
Understand you have to ask yourself the right questions, and check up all the options available.
We have the tendency to seek for advice… However, the answer is in you.
Options have to be analyzed through positive and negative points.
One more thing: remember, at the end, it comes down to you.
No one will live with the consequences of your actions except yourself.
Leave aside feelings and misconceptions. 

– Stick with it!

Make a decision and stick with it. The funny thing is you cannot see the future,
so it’s impossible to check up onto the consequences of your choices.
It only feels devastating and heavy the moment when the emotions are high.
No choice is perfect, but the result is a compromise you’re ready to accept.
You have to stick with your choice to allow the change to fulfill your life,
and it all comes down to something you don’t have any control over.
Ending up with your choices with be the real change.
Never feel compelled to rush in difficult decisions and choices,
because the last thing you want is to end up regretting. Ready?


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Image source credit: Noel Alva