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The Effortless French Way To Update Your Outfit

Wearing: BDG by Urban Outfitters Shirt, Asos Jeans, Sonia Rykiel bag, Stradivarius belt, Eiden Bijoux bracelet and necklace 

What might have been like a one-time season wonder has turned out to be a staple for the past 2-year.
Not only it is fun to wear, whilst giving some interesting cue to an outfit, it is as flattering and
perfect for  the lazy ones as me who can’t be bothered to think more about an outfit than necessary.

Although they can seem scary if you’re new to the game of layering,
I promise you can pull this belt off. It’s all about finding the right look for you.
Read on my tips on how to find and update your
outfit the effortless French version – the corset belt.

Choose the right canvas
The white shirt is meant to be the easiest canvas to pull off,
but don’t take me wrong, you need to choose the perfect fit.
Tips: go-on for a boyfriend fit, I like to stick to the floaty rather than tight.
As for the belt, she’s the main piece of your look, you need to think about the design,
that is flattering for you waistline, giving you shape without giving everything away.

Versatile versus vibrant
Although I’m a huge fan of blank canvas, I’m also a monochrome freak,
which appears all over my wardrobe. Reason why I went for a design with some flexibility,
and picked a belt with a different shape, a bit more large so I can tie it up the way I want.
Make sure the belt sits actually on your waist otherwise, keep looking for another one.

Consider your accessories
Make sure your blank canvas stays only for the outfit,
and you can play with your accessories to bring a more vibrant vibe to your look –
unless you don’t want to catch the eyes of strangers.
Add a leather jacket, some heels and a vibrant red bag. 

Keep it simple
When in doubt, go for a simple style with not too much going on.
You can add simple jewelry later.
Although I went for a couple of bracelets which
I don’t find the envy to take off.

If you’re looking to get your hands on such a belt to upgrade your layering game
for this winter (do it!), we’ve chosen a few for you.
This JBrand belt is beyond gorgeous, and this one from Asos is a good budget option,
this one has a bit of a vibrant velvet vibe to it which is definitely a plus.
This B-Low one screams eye-catching option,
whilst this Retro Luxe London has a twist I would have never thought to pull off.