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Why You Should Bring An Amount of Resilience With You


Bring cottons pads.

And a plethora of patience, an amount of resilience, an unchallengeable sense of humour
and your best smile. Don’t forget proper documentation. They don’t joke around.

Bring your photo frames, your must-have face cream and some French books.

Bring pencils and a pencil case. You’re going back to school.
Don’t forget to get proper pencils, and highlighters because
they’re taking those supplies very seriously, and the new cardboard,
that are totally different. Sometimes you’ll see.
Things from before won’t line up.

Bring a reservoir of coffee, a few beloved packs of Açai powder,
and sneakers from when you’ll get tired to run after the bus.
And bring your sense of adventure.

Yes, soon you’ll be busy with the absorption office, the driving licence
offices and transferring your degrees into a legal system you’re completely stranger to.

You’ll be frustrated when your contact at the absorption office
will explain you your suitcases are heavier than required,
and that you have to let things go.

You will cry. You will miss your people back there.

But you’ll meet extravagant people and eat falafel on the side of a street next to one of the remains of an oldest synagogue.
Your eyes will brighten up with the rows of spices at the shouk, take free morsels of sweet homemade granola, tasting cups of instant shahor coffee and have to stop yourself from going back for more.
You will fall in love with the rush of ancient water falls, cringe for any excursion and fall for any impromptu trip in the south of the country, dance with a Bar Mitzvah in the middle of ancient streets of the Old city. You will forget your seriousness as soon as the Music festival seasons will start. 

You will drink upside down coffee in the little shop in the north Golan, get a sunburn in Netanya. Wipe your sweat from your brows whilst going from the Old city of Jaffa and then brush dust and sand from your pants going back to Jerusalem as you wait for some bus.
You will spend countless nights laughing hard with your friends from Latin America, about something you have no clue now.
You will slip on cobble stone streets and feel tiny next to the new imposing and giant building where glossy ads are looking back at you whilst you shop, buy and grab a coffee.


You will laugh hard when you use the wrong words and you
will mamash cry when you’ll be anyway understood by your new neighbors.

You will climb mountains and crawl into tiny tunnels to make
your way through out a cavern. You will be moved at the touch
of the Wall for the first time since your flew thinking: 
I did it. I’m home.

So bring your grandmother charms bracelet,
your best friends pictures, a printer if your dare.

And bring your faith, your hopes and dreams.

Don’t worry. Remember one thing. What you’re looking for you’ll find it here.
Somehow. The cost will be greater, but the life here worth it.

What you really need you’ll get it. Here, at home.

One thing you should bring.

Cotton pads.